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Good News from Christ

Weekly Radio Broadcasts and Podcast

Good News from Christ is a 30 minute remix of our morning worship services. Each podcast contains sacred music, Scripture, prayers, sermon, and special music.

Listen directly from this page or click on the podcast title to follow along with the lectionary texts.

Miracles in Asking for Help

February 10, 2019
Opening Prayer Holy God, we gather to sing your praise and hear your word. Speak to us, that we may be wise enough to perceive your call. Strengthen us, that…

Sustained by Scripture

February 3, 2019
Call to Worship L: Hear God’s word— P: the words of call and promise. L: Hear God’s word— P: the words of faith and hope. L: Hear God’s word— P:…
Call to Worship L: The Spirit of God is upon us. P: We are called to be God's people. L: The Spirit of God is upon us. P: We are…

Holy Spirit’s Quiet Work

January 20, 2019
Call to Worship L: Sing praise to God! P: Praise God who loves us all! L: Do not be afraid. Trust in God's love. P: Open our hearts, O God,…

Great Expectations

January 13, 2019
Call To Worship L: All creation proclaims the greatness of God. P: God's love shines into the deepest darkness. L: The light of God shines on us with new hope.…

Dare to Move

January 6, 2019
Opening Prayer Eternal God, may our lives reflect your light day by day, as we seek to serve where you have placed us. That we might be the means through…

Christmas is Not One Day

December 30, 2018
Opening Prayer Creator God, prepare us to be witnesses of your love, forgiveness, and mercy. Make us ready to serve you in ways we can hardly imagine, for we ask…

Good News Worth Sharing

December 23, 2018
Call to Worship L: Today we light the candles of hope, peace, joy, and love. P: Help us to love one another even as you have loved us. L: May…

The Source of Real Joy

December 16, 2018
Opening Prayer Eternal God, in your wisdom you made preparation for the kingdom of your Son. Make our hearts ready for the joy that is Christ the Lord. Amen. Epistle…