September-October 2019

From Pastor Karen

Dear Friends,

Coffee cup that says

Ever since we made our acquaintance, and even before, I have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you, and us together with all wisdom and faithfulness in believing and being God’s church in our town of Marietta. I remain more than grateful for my appointment to serve among you two months into our time together. I hope you feel the same! I have been gathering up stories, struggling and succeeding with names and faces, listening to what has been, and some dreams of what might be. The staff has been “handling” me with great care, helping me get acclimated to my new surroundings. The Trustees honored Pastor Don’s wish and have made over the Sr. Pastor’s office, and I remain in process of moving in. The office is nicer than any house we’ve ever had! I am grateful for your extreme generosity, and for the great privilege of serving such a beautiful church and congregation!

We have hosted two gatherings of youth in our home: Senior High and Middle High students. At those gatherings, Senior High students shared their hopes of Bible study, regularity of youth gatherings both social and experiential, and we strategized how to bring that to life. We will kick off the fall season with a bonfire at Mark & Rebecca Duckworth’s home on Sunday, September 15th at 5:30. There will be food, fishing, games, and getting to know each other. Regular youth gatherings will follow beginning on Sunday, October 6th at 5:00 p.m. at the church. We will plan a few outings to include the Middle High students so that they have experiences beyond Sunday School.

I will be hosting open conversations with folks to gather more information. These will be “Cottage Meetings” of a kind. I want to hear from you about your memories, your hopes, your dreams, and your commitment to moving forward together in ministry. Gatherings will be at the church, unless otherwise noted. I hope you will make an effort to attend, as your voice is important, and I particularly invite all formal and informal leaders and influencers. I will use the information gathered to dream and work forward with leadership and staff.

  • Sunday, September 8 during Sunday School (9:15 a.m.)
  • Wednesday, September 11 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 12 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Monday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m.

Update: We have had one meeting so far, on Labor Day weekend. The spirit was hopeful, and all participants were fully engaged. Please plan to attend a meeting, or make arrangements with me to host a meeting for some of “your people.” I’m happy to come to small groups or Sunday School classes, too. Let’s listen together to how God is calling us forward in ministry.

On September 22 we will begin a 7-week message series called “We Are the Church . . . Let’s Act Like It.” It’s a play on words, as we will go through the book of Acts. Jesus said to Go, Teach, Baptize, and Obey. Is that what the church is doing today? In addition to the message series, there will be small group opportunities to study together. The study was designed by Linda Tower Pevey to use in her local church. The book of Acts has power to inspire and revitalize the church, so I hope you will join in a study opportunity. What can we learn from the experiences of the first followers of Jesus and their bringing the gospel into the world, that might help us to be better disciples in our world today? We will have small study groups on Thursdays at noon and Mondays at 7 p.m., beginning September 19 and 23.

Themes for our weeks are:

  • September 22: Act with Power
  • September 29: Act with Generosity
  • October 6: Act with Acceptance—World Communion Sunday
  • October 13: Act with Creativity
  • October 20: Act with Perseverance—Commitment Sunday
  • October 27: Act with Courage
  • November 3: Act as a Witness—All Saint’s Sunday

We will conduct our Stewardship/Pledge Campaign in the context of this message series, beginning on September 29, as we talk of Acting with Generosity and Opening Our Doors to Tomorrow. We will have stewardship speakers, and we will each be invited to consider how God is calling us to be faithful, and to support the mission and ministries at Christ UMC. Pledge/Commitment Sunday will be Sunday, October 20. We hope you will continue to support our ministries through your time, talent, treasure, and prayer.

In addition to all of this, it is time for Nominations Committee and Church Council to convene for Charge Conference and budget approval. If you serve on either of these groups, watch your email, text messaging, and phone.

Budget Update: Thank you for your faithfulness in this year of transition. Before I arrived, it was communicated to you that the budget was going to be a challenge for 2019. You were invited to take steps of faith and faithfulness to help us bridge the gap. We are in a better position than we expected to be, and so we thank you, and we ask your continued faithfulness going forward into the future.

There are yet many of you with whom I have not been in a small group setting, to learn more about you, and for you to learn more about me. If you have a desire to meet, for the purpose of getting to know me, or for something specific, please let me know. We’ll find a time to make it happen. The upcoming Cottage Meetings will give you a glimpse of me, beyond Sunday mornings.

And now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, for you to abound in hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

With love, joy, peace, and hope,
Pastor Karen

Fall Study: The Book of Acts

We Are the Church . . . Let’s Act Like It

We Are the Church . . . Let's Act Like It by Linda Towers Pevey | Fall Book Study at Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Thursdays at 12 p.m. starting Sept. 19th or Mondays at 7 p.m. starting Sept. 23rd. Sign up here or in the church office. Books are $8 and available in the church office.

Does today’s church have an impact on the world? Is the church too fractured to be effective? Problems in the church are nothing new. The book of Acts is full of them. As we study the book of Acts together, we can rediscover the biblical vision for the church and a vision for what our church can be today.

Linda Towers Pevey offers encouragement that the church can truly be a transformative presence in the world, just as the early church was in the book of Acts. We’ll discuss practical and biblical ways to live out our mandate to be a church that positively impacts our community and the world. Please join us and be part of the discussion!

Marietta’s Methodist History Makes Headlines

Sacred Native American Lands to be Returned to Wyandotte Nation by United Methodists

Below is a portion of the August 2019 press release from United Methodist Global Ministries:

Seeking to return sacred lands they have held in trust for 176 years, leaders of The United Methodist Church and the Wyandotte Nation will hold a ceremony this September during which lands held by the agency will be formally returned to the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma . . . In 1844, the Wyandotte tribe deeded the land to the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, forerunner of today’s United Methodist Global Ministries, in order to protect its sanctity when the federal government forced the tribe off their last reservation in the state of Ohio.“It will be a historic day for the Wyandotte Nation,” said Chief Billy Friend of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma. “One hundred seventy-six years ago we left the mission church in the Methodists’ hands to take care of it for us until we came back. That time has come.”

. . . Thomas Kemper, general secretary of the worldwide mission agency shared, “John Stewart, our first-ever missionary, launched a historic friendship with [the Wyandotte Nation] in 1816. Since 1844, we have served as stewards of this sacred land and these historic spaces. Now, it is time to return these lands to the Wyandotte people so they can continue the generations-long tradition of honoring our collective heritage.”

John Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Though Marietta is not mentioned in this press release, you may recognize the name John Stewart.

John Stewart was born a free man of color to a Baptist family in Virginia. While traveling to Tennessee in 1816, he was robbed of his life savings. Stewart made it as far as Marietta, Ohio. Destitute and depressed, John Stewart decided to drink himself to death, eventually contemplating suicide in the Ohio River.

From Joseph Mitchell’s book, The Missionary Pioneer, or A Brief Memoir of the Life, Labours, and Death of John Stewart (New York: printed by J. C. Totten, 1827):

… There being no Baptist church near … as he walked out one evening he heard the sound of singing and praying proceeding from a house at no great distance. It proved to be a Methodist prayer meeting. His prejudices at first forbade his going in but curiosity prompted him to venture a little nearer, and at length he resolved to enter . . .

Through the ministry of our congregation’s forebearers, John Stewart found healing and connection once again with God’s love and grace.

John Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

After this restoration, Stewart felt God’s call to serve the Native American tribes living in the wilderness far north of Marietta. This was a dangerous proposition, as John could be mistaken for a run-away slave, he did not speak any native languages, and he had no experience in mission work. But intent on his course, our Marietta Methodist ancestors sent him off with their blessing. Our denomination now recognizes John Stewart as the first ever home missionary.

Without common language, it was Stewart’s singing voice that connected him with the Native American’s he met. Abraham J. Baughman wrote in Past and Present of Wyandot County, Ohio (Chicago: The S.J. Clark Publishing Company, 1913, Volume 1):

At Pipetown was a considerable body of Delawares . . . Stewart stopped . . . took out his hymn book and began to sing. He . . . had a most melodious voice, and as a result of his effort the Indians present were charmed and awed into perfect silence. When he ceased. Johnny-cake said in broken English, ‘Sing more.’

It was with the Wyandotte Tribe that John Stewart settled. Through his ministry the entire tribe converted to Christianity. In response to Stewart’s work, the Methodist Conference sent Rev. James B. Finley in 1821 to start a mission school at Upper Sandusky. Stewart and Finley worked side-by-side until Stewart passed away at 37 years old, December 18, 1823. His last words were, “Be faithful.”

In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, signed by President Andrew Jackson. This forced the removal of approximately 100,000 Native Americans. Departing in 1843, the Wyandottes were the last tribe to leave Ohio.

Wyandotte Mission founded by John Stewart, African American Missionary sent by Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Since that time, our denomination has held title to what was once the Wyandotte mission which the tribe permitted to be built on their land. The old mission and its cemetery is currently part of the John Stewart United Methodist Church campus. The congregation has been instrumental in returning this site to its rightful owners. For more information on the Remembrance Ceremony and official turnover of these sacred lands, click here.

Exciting Youth News!

Listening squirrel | Exciting Youth News!John Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Are you in high school? Are you the parent or grandparent of a high schooler? If yes, pull out your calendar because you’ll want to mark down these dates for youth events that are in the works!

  • Sunday, Sept. 15th, 5:30 p.m. Bonfire at the Duckworth Farm.
  • Sunday, Sept. 29th, 5-7 p.m. Rollerskating at the Washington Co. Fairgrounds. Bring a 2-liter to share. Cost $6.
  • Sunday, Oct. 6th, 5 p.m. Movie Night. Movie TBA.
  • Sunday, Nov. 10th, 1-3 p.m. Bowling at Emerson Lanes in Parkersburg.
  • Saturday, Dec. 28th, time TBA. Biblical Escape Room (oooooh….what might that be?)
  • January 18-19, Winter Jam

This schedule, plus some movie dates thrown in, is the outcome of cooperative effort with First UMC of Williamstown. Pastor Karen is coordinating with First UMC’s new youth director, Angie Strosrider, to explore how we might provide a spiritually rich year for our youth together. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, contact Pastor Karen.

Opening Our Doors to Tomorrow

Pledge Drive 2020

Skeleton Keys | Opening Doors to TomorrowJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Thank you for your faithfulness!

When presented with our budget deficit earlier this year, you met the need. Financially, we are at a better place than we expected to be, due to your faithfulness.

Our 2020 Pledge Drive, “Opening Our Doors to Tomorrow,” is right around the corner. We once again will face a budget increase. Your continued faithfulness and prayer is needed as we look forward to “Opening Our Doors to Tomorrow.” Watch your mail and weekly updates for your invitation to continued stewardship of finances and our pledge commitments for 2020.

We prayerfully journey together toward Commitment Sunday, October 20th, trusting for wide open doors to tomorrow’s ministry.

Have Scraps. Will Sew.

An open invitation from the Sewing Circle.

Bed Rolls | Sewing Circle InvitationJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

One of the quietest ministries of our church is our faithful sewing circle. Every Tuesday, three or so women gather in the second floor of the Education Wing and put together homeless sleeping bag rolls. Each bed roll contains a heavy-duty padded sleeping bag, a toboggan, a pair of gloves, a large garbage bag for storing the roll, and a small New Testament. Everything is tightly tied with repurposed neckties.

When not busy with bed rolls, the group sews soft quilts…large ones for youth in the Juvenile Detention Center and small ones for the newborns of North Place House. They also keep a large stock of pillowcase dresses and boy’s shorts sewn up for local short-term missions teams traveling overseas.

Our little group is hoping to not be so little! Can you sew a straight seam? Can you tie a square knot? Those are the only skills needed and either skill can easily be taught. Sewing Circle meets each Tuesday from 9 to noon and would welcome you with open arms for any length of time during that morning. But being part of the circle does not require attending the meeting. You can easily work on these projects at home, make use of the sewing room when it’s more convenient for you, even start a second meeting time with your sewing friends! All materials will be provided.

Though this is a quiet ministry and often overlooked, it’s an important ministry to our community. Each winter our local food pantry and our church office hands out as many bed rolls as can be made. We’ve heard how youth at the Detention Center were overcome when they were given a quilt all their own. The love travels both ways when North Place mothers wrap their newborns in our quilts.

If you can be a part of our Sewing Circle ministry, in what ever manner works for you, please talk with Fern Frank or contact Beth Ann in the church office.

From Pastor Cheryl

Celebrating Laity  |  September-October 2019 News & Views  |  Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

As we just celebrated Laity Sunday and we approach Rally Day, I want to thank all of you for making Christ Church the place it has been, currently is, and will become. Truly, the church is not a building, steeple, or any one single person. It is all of us together showing God’s love to the world. I pray that you’ll be a part of our Rally Day celebration and that Christ will continue to nurture your faith, your stewardship, and your witness.

Here’s some happenings:

  • August began the start of our Safe Sanctuary trainings for those working in ministry with children and youth. This required annual training helps keep all of us safe—children, youth, vulnerable adults, staff, and ultimately, the church. You need this training if you intend on working or volunteering with our Children’s or Youth Sunday School classes, Children’s Church, Youth Groups, Acolytes, Junior Choir, Christian Education Committee, or After School ministries. Our two make-up trainings are Sunday, Sept. 15, 9:15 a.m.; and, Wednesday, October 23rd at 4 p.m.
  • Our new church year kicks off on Rally Day, September 15. Help us bless our Christian Educators, Leaders, and Learners in worship that day, and learn what opportunities for Christian growth will be offered this fall. Let the pastors or main office know if you would like to serve as a worship Greeter, Lay Reader, Usher, Acolyte, or in another capacity. Let our music directors know if you want to share your musical gifts through the Sanctuary or Children’s Choir, Handbell Choir, or Ukulele Choir.
  • Our Thursday Brown Bag group will study Linda Tower Pevey’s We Are the Church . . . Let’s Act Like It—A Study on the Book of Acts. The class will meet at noon for an hour each Thursday from September 19 – November 7. In addition to reading and discussing the book and Holy Scripture, we’ll think about how we currently serve and dream of new ways to serve God and the Church. Please sign-up through the main office so Beth Ann knows how many books to order.
  • Our After School ministry will begin our 18th consecutive year this fall. We meet Wednesday afternoons at the church whenever school is in session from mid- or late-October through the end of April. Volunteers walk the children from Washington Elementary to Christ UMC, feed the kids a healthy snack, tutor these selected 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders one-on-one, plan and assist small groups of kids with a different weekly activity, and greet the parents/families as they arrive before dismissal time. We have some new openings for regulars this year and we always need subs—contact me if interested.

Not sure how to get involved, even though you know you want to serve? Get in touch and we’ll help.

Pastor Cheryl Arnold
740-373-1512 (church)
740-896-3824 (home)

Laity Discernment RetreatJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Laity Discernment Retreat

Do you feel God’s call on your life but are uncertain how to discern that call or what to do next?

If so, then this is the Retreat for you! At the Laity Discernment Retreats, we will talk about call, discernment and what it means to be “called by our baptism”. We will learn ways to intentionally enter into a time of prayer about discernment and we will discover Spiritual Rhythms that can help guide our journey. We will also discuss the variety of ways Laity can serve both in our churches and in our communities.

Each retreat kicks off with an 8 hour Saturday session followed by a 3-hour session approximately six weeks later. In between the two sessions, there will opportunities to read, reflect, and practice Spiritual Rhythms that will lead you to a better understanding of your own call.

Note: You are welcome to attend any session in any location and you do not need to attend both sessions in the same region. However, you need to attend the all-day Saturday retreat prior to attending the 3-hour follow up session.

Capitol Area South & Foothills Districts are holding a Laity Discernment Retreat on Saturday, November 9, 2019 and Thursday, January 9, 2020 at Crossroads Ministry Center of Lancaster First UMC. Register here.

Rally Day: Love God. Love our neighbors. - September 15, 2019, All Service | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Rally Day: Love God. Love Our Neighbors.

Sunday, Sept. 15th. All Services

Balloons! Cookies! Hearts everywhere! …and a breakfast ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR!! What a way to celebrate that we love God and love our neighbors!

Rally Day is our kick-off for 2019-2020 Sunday School classes and Small Groups. Short class intros will be given at each worship service. During the Sunday School hour, we’ll have teachers with their materials along the side of the Fellowship Hall. Grab your ice cream sundae, plop a donut on top, and go explore all the options available.

After some ice cream and sprinkles, kids and youth head to their new Sunday School classes in the Education Wing. This year we’ve added a Middle School class! Children’s Church kicks off in the 10:30 a.m. service for grades K-4.

For a complete list of classes and small groups, see the listing below.

Fall Sunday School and Small Groups

Children’s Church
Grades K – 4 Topic: Studying the Bible Teachers: Rotating
Sunday School
Grades K – 4 Topic: Love God, Love Your Neighbor Teachers: Rotating
Grades 5 – 8 Submerge in the Bible with hard questions, creative role play, and deep discussion. Teachers: Rotating
Grades: 9 – 12 LinC (Living In Christ): Examine relevant faith and life issues, using the latest music, movies, news, and current events. Teacher: Shelly Stormes
Adult Sunday School Class Cokesbury Adult Bible Study Series Teachers: Steve Wilden, Sue Smith
Seekers Beatitudes From the Back Side: A Different Take on What It Means to be Blessed Teacher: Carl Carpenter
Explorers completing Lies We Believe About God Teacher: Pete Hoffman
Philathea Women’s Class Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story Teacher: Laura Warren
Small Group Studies
Monday Night Bible Study
7 p.m.
Studying Scripture straight from the text. Hosts: Don & Jan Rary
Facilitator: Lou Whitney
God’s Girls
Sundays, 5 p.m.
The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis Facilitator: Shelly Stormes
Thursday Noon Brown Bag Study
Monday Night Study, 7 p.m.
We Are the Church. Let’s Act Like It. Facilitators: Pastor Karen & Pastor Cheryl

United Methodist Women Circle Meetings

United Methodist Women CirclesJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

First meetings: Mary Circle, September 24 at 6 p.m. at the home of Carol Bir. Rebecca-Ruth Circle, September 19 at 12:30 p.m. at the home of Janice Kindelberger.

“My, time does pass more quickly as you get older,” says your old UMW president. However, there is so much to look forward to in the new season of UMW. Circles will again begin to meet in September. Mary Circle meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Rebecca-Ruth Circle meets the third Thursday of each month at 12:30 p.m. Either group would love to have new people visit!

This year’s study is from the book Let Your Light Shine: Ignited for Justice by Janet Wolf and Alisha Gordon. To quote from the introduction “. . . we will explore biblical passages on light from the Old and New Testaments. We will seek encouragement from the biblical understandings and be challenged to be God’s light in the world as Christ’s disciples. We will also be reminded to shine a light on issues that crush and marginalize God’s children. We will be empowered to question and oppose systems and powers of darkness and evil. We are emboldened by the Light of Life and the Word that give us hope to practice justice in the world.”

Wow! As challenging as that sounds, there is also the excitement of shining a light on issues that concern and worry all of us living in today’s world. Let’s together look for the light of God’s presence as we meet and support each other and search for ways to bring mercy and justice to our world. The UMW booklets will be available soon with additional information concerning the study.

Sounds exciting to me, and don’t forget the delicious desserts served at circle meetings! Contact Beth Morgan or Mel Aseltine for more information. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Foothills District UMW Annual Meeting

Smiling Baby | District UMW Meeting on Infant and Maternal HealthJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Maternal and Child Health is not only one of the four priority issues of United Methodist Women, it is the topic to be presented by the Gallia County Health Department at our annual district meeting.

The Foothills District annual meeting will be Saturday, September 28, 2019, at Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church, 414 Lake Drive, Rio Grande, Ohio. The meeting runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with registration beginning at 9:30 a.m. There is a $10 cost to cover lunch. We are also being asked to bring disposable diapers to donate to the Gallia Co. Health Department’s infant programs.

There will be people from our church attending, so car pooling is available. Please let Beth Morgan know by September 23 if you wish to attend.

Sanctuary Choir

Our Sanctuary Choir is open to anyone 8th grade and up who loves to sing, no auditions necessary! Rehearsals are Thursdays 7:00-8:30 p.m. and the choir sings at the 10:30 service from Rally Day through May. Rehearsals will begin on September 12th. This group comes together to share their musical gifts & talents, to lead worship, to fellowship, and to pray for one another. If you are looking for a place to “plug-in” and connect within the church, come see what it’s all about. For any questions, please contact Beth Payton at

Cathedral Handbell Choir

Cathedral Handbell Choir at Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Christ Church has a rich history of bell ringing which started with the purchase of the first two octaves of bells in 1964. We now own four octaves of handbells and four octaves of handchimes. We borrow a fifth octave of bells to round out our set, which gives us the beautiful lower bass sound and the bright, high pitches to top off the melody.

If you are interested in joining our handbell choir, now is the time to ask questions and express interest! All are welcome, regardless of experience level. Contact Beth Payton as soon as possible. Due to the nature of a handbell choir, having a firm commitment helps us know how many octaves we can play and plan the season (Sept-May) accurately.

This group practices on Wednesdays 7-8 p.m., early fall to early spring, and rings in worship one Sunday a month at both services. They also participate in the area Annual Spring Ring and regional festivals on occasion. If you cannot commit to a full-time spot, being available as a substitute is also a great help.

From Our Minister of Health

What vaccinations do I need?

Band-Aid Box | Adult VaccinationsJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

My middle school band director was Mr. Hayden. I played the clarinet and while I enjoyed the band and later in high school playing in the orchestra, taking clarinet lessons and practicing 30 minutes a day were not high on my priority list. Mr. Hayden decided it would be a great idea to offer summer lessons to his students and even traveled to our homes to do so. The summer I turned 14, despite having had a DPT vaccination, I developed a mid case of whooping cough (pertussis). Thinking this was my passport out of lessons as I recuperated, imagine my dismay when Mr. Hayden decided he would come anyway.

The reason this story is so firmly planted in my memory is thanks to my mom who believed that life events should be steeped in deep documentation, either in written word or photos. I still have my baby book and thanks to her diligence, I not only know which vaccines I had as a baby/youth, but also which childhood diseases I had and the years those occurred. I followed that pattern with our three kids. In today’s era, if I question when I last had a DPT vaccine, I call the city health department and within a matter of minutes, the computer has the year.

The DPT vaccine or Tdap as it is referred to today, helps prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (or whooping cough). It is 80-90% effective against pertussis. While my whooping cough as a teen was a mild case, if contracted by an infant, it can be deadly. When we were heading off to visit our new granddaughter, I checked with the city health department to make sure we were both up to date on that immunization.

I think our health departments, pediatricians, and family doctors do a pretty good job of infant, childhood, and youth vaccinations. So the rest of this article will focus on what adults need to do. Protection from vaccines in our childhood can wear off over time. And age, job or lifestyle might put you at risk for vaccine preventable diseases. So all adults need certain immunizations to help prevent getting serious diseases that could lead to poor health, missed work and medical bills. Listed below is CDC’s adult recommendations:

  1. Seasonal flu vaccine – We will be offering our satellite clinic at the church again. The date is October 8 – a slight delay from year’s past as the makers of the vaccine are waiting for more information on the fourth strain to be included in this year’s vaccine.
  2. Tdap – If you did not receive it as a youth and Td every 10 years.
  3. Shingles (for adults over 50) – Statistics show that about 1 out of every 3 people in the US will have shingles in their lifetime. Shingrix, the newer vaccine in use since 2017, is the one that is preferred as it is more than 90% effective in preventing shingles. It is given in two doses separated by 2-6 months, and is recommended even if you have had the shingles, already received the older vaccine (Zostavax), or are not sure you had the chicken pox.


Sherrie Hoffman

Blood Drive

Monday, Sept. 23, 1-6 p.m.

Red Cross Blood DriveJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Christ United Methodist hosts its 2019 Red Cross Blood drive in Fellowship Hall. Set up will start around noon. Volunteers are needed for donor registration from 12:30 p.m. til 6 p.m. and also for the canteen snacks table from about 1 p.m. til 6:45 p.m. 11 dozen cookies are needed for the snacks table.

To make a blood donation appointment, click here, search the list of blood drives, click on our church name, and choose an appointment time. You can also schedule with our drive coordinator Sue Smith (740-373-2895).

Prior to donation day, please complete the RapidPass questionnaire online and print out the resulting bar code to bring to the event. You may also save the bar code to your smart phone to show at the event.

Walk-in donors are welcome but you may have a longer wait time, as donors with appointments are taken first.

If you are a first-time donor, please read the First Time Donor’s Guide here.

Our church drive is one of a local rotation of blood drives. Our partners are First Presbyterian, St. Mary’s Basilica, Norwood United Methodist, St. Luke’s Lutheran, and Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District.

If you have any questions, contact Sue Smith (740-373-2895).

Own a part of Christ Church history!

Vintage flatware sets are available with forks and spoons marked M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church or G.M.E. (German Methodist Episcopal). Knives are not engraved. Plain settings are also available.

This flatware was used throughout the history of our church, both as First Methodist Episcopal Church and as Trinity Chapel. A setting may be purchased for any donation to the international work of the United Methodist Women.

For more information contact Beth Morgan.

Thanks from Andrew & Family

Thank you from the RobertsVintage Flatware | Support the International Work of the United Methodist WomenJohn Stewart, African American Missionary sent from Marietta, Ohio, Methodists | September-October 2019 News & Views | Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

We wish to thank everyone at Christ Church for your kind thoughts, words, and prayers for Andrew. Leaving home to go into the military is a big life step. We say a special thanks to Karen and Cheryl for calling him forward during worship to offer a prayer over him. Andrew was deeply touched and humbled by all of your cards and gifts and the reception during Share and Serendipity. Thanks to the SPRC for the tributes, presents, photo board and cake. Of course the sausage balls made for a memorable send-off, also!

Andrew shipped out on August 13. We will keep you all informed of his progress. He will graduate from training in Cape May, New Jersey, in October.

If you are interested in writing to Andrew, he would love to hear from you! U. S. mail is the main means of communication for recruits! You may send only cards or letters (no enclosures) to:

SR Roberts, Andrew J.
Recruit Company Victor 197
USCG Training Center
1 Munro Ave
Cape May, NJ 08204-5083

Thank you all again for showing God’s love to Andrew through your words and actions.

Lou Ann & Jim

Handmade Greetings

The crocheting inmates of The Noble County Correctional Institute sent us this handmade card, thanking all those who have donated yarn. With the yarn we’ve collected, the inmates crochet baby hats and baby blankets for infants in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Your gifts of yarn have brought purpose and dignity to these men and blessed a suffering child. Thank you!

If you would like to donate yarn for the inmates, leave your skeins in the polka dot box as you enter the Education Wing.

A Note from International Child Care

US Funding Board for Grace Children’s Hospital in Haiti

Grace Children's Hospital Thanks You  |  September-October 2019 News & Views  |  Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Dear Christ UMC OF Marietta,

Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. Knowing the difference your financial support will make, we believe that to be true.

Your donation will soon be hard at work, helping to provide the supplies needed to keep Grace Children’s Hospital operational and safe, especially during these periods of social unrest.

Thank you for your generosity.

ICC USA Board & Staff

Note: This card was in response to our July 16th gift of $3,371 through UMCOR. Thank you for continued support of the ministry of Grace Children’s Hospital, where no one is turned away because of inability to pay, where abandoned children are given the last name Innocent, where staff are willing to work and have worked while hungry to meet the medical needs of Port au Prince. – Beth Ann Weber