Advent Offering: Grace Children’s Hospital

Support Grace Children’s Hospital this Advent

Grace Children’s Hospital began as a tuberculosis clinic in 1965, the result of James & Virginia Snavely’s cruise vacation. During their Haiti port of call in 1961, the Snavely’s were overwhelmed with the poverty and the sight of children dying in the streets. They vowed to return, making their goal to change the lives of 100 children. Two years later, that small tuberculosis clinic became a full fledged children’s hospital and by the end of the decade, Grace Children’s Hospital worked with the Haitian Government and the World Health Organization to implement a nationwide vaccination program. To date they have changed the lives of well over 100,000 children.

Grace Children’s Hospital went on to open clinics in rural Haiti and in the urban slums. The hospital sees over 400 patients, children and adults alike, each day at their main clinic in Port-au-Prince. In rural Haiti, they work to train midwives and community health care workers. Their efforts have seen a substantial rise in maternal and infant survival rates in these communities. In the tent cities, the outreach clinics inoculate children and dispense much needed vitamins. Since 2002, Grace Children’s Hospital has been staffed and managed 100% by Haitian natives.

For the past seven years, the toll on Haiti and on Grace Children’s Hospital has been draining. The 2010 earthquake brought Grace Children’s Hospital facilities to the ground. Their work continued in tent clinics, but to this day the hospital has not rebuilt. They continue to serve their community from adapted office building across the street. On the heels of that massive earthquake, Hurricane Matthew brought more devastation. Tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, malnutrition, maternal and infant death, and other easily preventable health conditions continue to plague the country of Haiti.

Grace Children’s Hospital has not been immune to Haiti’s crisis. The hospital been forced to close many of their outreach and rural clinics. Currently there are times when staff come to work unpaid or are unable to afford transportation to report to work. In response to the great need at Grace Children’s Hospital, we pray you’ll make an Advent gift to help continue their important work. You can give in any Christ Church offering by marking your envelope or check: Grace Children’s Hospital. You also can give online here.