Holy Communion

Connect through Holy Communion

We invite you to observe Holy Communion with us, an act of worship ordained by Christ and a means of experiencing God’s grace. No, we don’t become more worthy of God’s grace through communion. Rather we open ourselves to receive God’s grace and love that is already waiting for us.

By observing Holy Communion together, we are experiencing communion as a family meal. When we, as one congregation, receive the bread and the cup, we join with millions of believers and doubters across the ages and around the world.

Holy Communion is served not from our table, but from Christ’s table. Jesus invites us all. No matter our background, age, faith or lack thereof, we are all welcome to the family table at Christ Church.

We observe Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month in both worship services and Children’s Church. We also observe communion each Wednesday at noon and in homes through our Extended Table ministry.