Our History

Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio, built 1885Christ United Methodist Church traces itself back to the first Methodist sermon preached in Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. Robert Manley on June 29, 1799. In the fall of that year a small Methodist groupĀ formed, meeting in the Marietta stockade known as Campus Martius. Circuit riding preacher, Peter Cartwright, served the small group on his Little Muskingum and Kanawha Circuit.

As a result of a Methodist camp meeting in the area, Methodism outgrew their home and school meeting places. The first Methodist church on Marietta’s Second St. was built in 1815. Around this time, the first home missionary, an African-American named John Stewart, was sent from Marietta to serve the Native Americans in northern Ohio.

Christ Church’sĀ current structure was built in 1885 under the name First Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1969, Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church (of German heritage) joined with First Church as one congregation, choosing the new name Christ United Methodist Church. Trinity’s building, located across the street from Christ UMC, remained in use by the congregation until its sale in 1986.

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