Ministry of Health

Ministry of HealthMinister of Health, Sherrie Hoffman

Our health ministry helps build a healthy congregation through the alignment of faith and health.

Over twenty years ago, Pastor Granger Westberg, and the church he was serving, took part in a pilot project with a large teaching hospital in the Chicago area.  Knowing that health has multiple components, physical, emotional and spiritual, it became apparent to those involved in the study that a logical next step might be to have nurses as part of a church staff.  Thus, the field of parish nursing was born.

Our program has in been in existence at Christ UMC since 1996, when Christ Church formed a study committee that urged the hiring of the first Minister of Health, Sherrie Hoffman.

Sherrie has been a registered nurse since 1968, with a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing, spending over ten years of her hospital career in the field of diabetes education. Her role as Minister of Health includes health education, personal health counselor and advocate, referral source, and facilitator of our Health & Wellness Committee.

The Minister of Health is a member of the pastoral team with an office located in Room 104 of the church. Weekly office hours are Tuesday, 12:30-2.

Sherrie Hoffman