Peace with Justice Sunday

Peace with Justice Sunday

Special Offering: June 11th, 8 & 10:30 a.m.

Peace with Justice Sunday is one of six special Sundays that the United Methodist Church designates as opportunities to highlight specific ministries within the denomination and to encourage financial support of their ongoing work.

The Peace with Justice initiative is the United Methodist Church’s ongoing pursuit to advocate for peace around the world. This mission of the UMC exists to empower people to take an active role to achieve peace and justice in their lives, their community, and their world.

Our Peace with Justice offering supports many diverse ministries that challenge war and other forms of violence, as well as injustice, suffering and abuse, all of which imperil God’s world and the human lives that inhabit it. Half of the offering is reserved for ministry within our conference. The other half supports peace and justice advocacy far and wide.

To learn more about specific programs supported by the Peace with Justice offering, watch the infographic video below.

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