Pledge Drive 2019

Pledge Drive 2019: Celebrating God’s Gifts

Dear Christ Church Family,

This fall we are Celebrating God’s Gifts together. In celebration, we will hear friends reflect on the gifts God bestows on their lives…people who share the pews with you and who walk deeply in our many ministries. We will hear God, speaking through the variety of gifts among us.

These gifts are profoundly relevant to our congregation, to our community, and to God’s walk with us. They empower, uplift, and befriend – reaching people who feel forgotten. They restore hope – offering an ear to listen, a hand to hold, the patient gift of presence and silence. God’s gifts are playful, creative, engaging…launching people on paths they never knew were possible. God’s gifts enable us to serve, feed, worship, share, and see.

Celebrating God’s Gifts is more than a pledge campaign theme; it is a call to action. It is a call to imitate Jesus, focusing on God’s many gifts among us…and on the evidence of God’s gifts within us.

It is also a call to respond proportionally:

  • A reduction in television or internet, what would you do with this time? How could it serve God?
  • Reading one more book a year, what would it be and how would the wisdom contribute to the people around you?
  • A modest increase in your pledge to Christ Church, how would your standard of living change?

Our mission at Christ Church is intentional service. This intentionality includes financial commitments. Some members tithe, giving ten percent of their income to the church; some members give proportionally, committing a percentage to our ministries, while others give as they are able. What is important is that we respond to God’s gifts with support to sustain our life of ministry in God’s Kingdom.

We invite you to prayerfully discern the impact that ministries at Christ Church offer to each of us and to our community. Consider your responsibility to use the gifts that God gives you to do the work God calls you to do.

Between now and Gift Celebration Sunday, October 21st, consider how you might celebrate God’s gifts through your service, worship, witness, and financial support.

Your commitment to our pledge campaign is an essential gift that sustains our ministries in our community and beyond.