Thrive: 2021 Pledge Drive  |  Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio

Thriving in 2021 and Beyond

Our 2021 pledge drive focuses on thriving—we are made to thrive. God’s call to thrive challenges us to embrace a bold vision for our church, a climate of selflessness and sacrifice, broad and diverse leadership. Our uncompromising commitment to prayer, worship, and service will ensure that we do thrive. We thrived with innovation in our response to COVID. We will thrive as we adapt to current and changing times in ways that strengthen your faith, your family, and our community, in Christ.

Join us in our commitment to thrive in 2021. With the immense adjustment and upheaval of this pandemic, conditions are ripe for making God’s love real in our community and beyond. Thank you in advance for your prayerful commitment, and for your generous support of our thriving life together.