The Shepherd and the Sheep

New Brown Bag Book Study: The Shepherd & The Sheep

The Shepherd & The Sheep Study starting May 26th at Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ohio
Shepherds have a unique understanding of the Scripture references to Christ as our Good Shepherd and his followers as sheep. Author Phillip Keller, shares that perspective in his Shepherd Trilogy.

Sharing from her first-hand experiences with sheep and the work of a shepherd, Joyce Kronberg will lead our six-week study, following the Shepherd Trilogy. Joyce will also share from her collection of shepherd’s gear from several cultures.

Each week will cover a different aspect of shepherds and sheep in Scripture.

  • Week One: Sheep, their characteristics and follies, and sheep in Biblical times.
  • Week Two: Shepherd’s clothing, variations through times and cultures.
  • Week Three: The shepherd’s stick, the types and uses of various crooks.
  • Week Four: The shepherd’s dog and its parallels in our faith journey.
  • Week Five: The shepherd’s tools, such as flutes, bells, and sling shot.
  • Week Six: The shepherd’s feast. Participants will share foods they’ve made from recipes exemplifying the fare of a shepherd.

The Shepherd & the Sheep class will meet during our regular Brown Bag Study time slot, Thursdays at noon, beginning on Thursday, May 26th.

To register, sign up in the church office, call 740-373-1512, or email Beth Ann. Books will be $6 and will be available in the church office by mid-May.