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Good News from Christ

Weekly Radio Broadcasts and Podcast

Good News from Christ is a 30 minute remix of our morning worship services. Each podcast contains sacred music, Scripture, prayers, sermon, and special music.

Listen directly from this page or click on the podcast title to follow along with the lectionary texts.

Come and See

January 19, 2020
Opening Prayer O Lord, you have given us the gift of faith. Your mercies toward us are more than we could ever hope to deserve. We stand in awe before…

Remember Your Baptism

January 12, 2020
Call to Worship L: Created in God's loving image, P: We gather as the children of God. L: Beloved by Christ, who loves us well, P: We gather as the…

Unexpected Gifts

January 5, 2020
Opening Prayer God of starlight, disperse the darkness of our lives, that we may behold the light of your love shining in every corner of our world. Guide our footsteps…

God’s Dream

December 29, 2019
Opening Prayer (United Methodist Hymnal #231) Eternal God, by the birth of Jesus Christ you gave yourself to the world. Grant that, being born in our hearts, he may save…

Joseph: Model of Faithfulness

December 22, 2019
Opening Prayer God with us, Emmanuel, as we draw near to the manger, focus our attention to your presence among us. As we consider the love, care and faith of…

That’s OK, I’ll Wait

December 15, 2019
Opening Prayer As the days darken and the winter winds blow, come to us, Promised One, in our time of waiting. Keep the vision of your salvation before our eyes,…
Opening Prayer Merciful God, you sent your messengers the prophets to preach repentance and prepare the way for our salvation. Give us grace to heed their warnings and forsake our…

Quick! Look Busy!

December 1, 2019
Call to Worship L: The Lord is getting us ready to receive a gift of great joy. P: Watch for this gift! L: Be vigilant and ready. For the gift…

Kings Never Die

November 24, 2019
Prayer of Thanksgiving God of Creation, we come this morning, bringing our humble gifts, celebrating the reign of Christ, our King--not just in the kingdom that is to come, but…
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