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Good News from Christ

Weekly Radio Broadcasts and Podcast

Good News from Christ is a 30 minute remix of our morning worship services. Each podcast contains sacred music, Scripture, prayers, sermon, and special music.

Listen directly from this page or click on the podcast title to follow along with the lectionary texts.

Fear Not

August 7, 2016
Call to Worship L: In the midst of a world where people hunger and thirst, P: We worship the One who feeds the hungry. L: In the midst of a…

Rich Toward God

July 31, 2016
Call to Worship L: Give thanks and praise to the Lord! P: For God has dealt mercifully with us! L: Even when we turned our backs on God, P: God…

Teach Us to Pray

July 24, 2016
Call to Worship L: Welcome to worship this day. P: We have come seeking peace and hope. L: Open your hearts to hear the voice of God. P: We seek…

Mary and Martha

July 17, 2016
Call to Worship L: We gather this day from a week filled with various experiences. P: We come to find renewal of our spirits. L: Open your hearts to hear…

God in the Least Likely

July 10, 2016
Call to Worship L: God has given us breath to live and spirit to sing. P: Thanks be to God! L: God has gathered us into a community of care…

Lambs Among Wolves

July 3, 2016
Call to Worship L: We are called together this day to praise God. P: We ask that God will put us in pathways of service to others. L: The Lord…
Opening Prayer Lord, we want to follow you wherever you lead. Reach out to us this day, stirring our souls and spirits with the winds of your power that we…

Living in the Tombs

June 19, 2016
Call to Worship L: Come, Lord God, and be with us in this hour. P: Do not let our cares or worries keep us at a distance. L: Come, Lord…

Jesus Labels Us Forgiven

June 12, 2016
Call to Worship L: People of God, raise your voices in praise to God. P: God takes delight in our presence here. L: Come and enter God’s house. P: We…