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Good News from Christ

Weekly Radio Broadcasts and Podcast

Good News from Christ is a 30 minute remix of our morning worship services. Each podcast contains sacred music, Scripture, prayers, sermon, and special music.

Listen directly from this page or click on the podcast title to follow along with the lectionary texts.

Jesus and Nicodemus

March 8, 2020
Gospel Reading John 3:1-17 Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. He came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that…

Claimed by God’s Love

March 1, 2020
Call to Worship L: In the presence of God, we gather; P: People burdened and needing sustenance. L: Like little children, we surround God, P: Longing to be embraced in…

The Transfiguration

February 23, 2020
Call to Worship L: Come, praise the Lord our God, and worship at God’s mountain. P: For the Lord our God is holy, full of compassion and grace. L: When…

Love and Respect Is the Goal

February 16, 2020
Call to Worship L: Come, let us worship Almighty God. P: Let us lift up our songs, our prayers, our praises. L: Come, let us honor Christ Jesus. P: Let…

Public Witness

February 9, 2020
Opening Prayer Luminous God, we give thanks for this Epiphany season of light. When fear casts shadows in our lives, open our hearts to your radiance. Shine on us, shine…

Blessed to Be a Blessing

February 2, 2020
Call to Worship (based on Psalm 15) L: O Lord, who may abide in your tent? P: Those who live free of blame and do what is right. L: O…

Bold Action

January 26, 2020
Opening Prayer God of radiant light, shine into our lives, and disperse the darkness that dims our vision; shine into our world, and cast out the fears that long have…

Come and See

January 19, 2020
Opening Prayer O Lord, you have given us the gift of faith. Your mercies toward us are more than we could ever hope to deserve. We stand in awe before…

Remember Your Baptism

January 12, 2020
Call to Worship L: Created in God's loving image, P: We gather as the children of God. L: Beloved by Christ, who loves us well, P: We gather as the…