Ukulele Choir

Marietta Ukulele Choir

Marietta Ukulele Choir, sponsored by Christ United Methodist Church in Marietta Ohio, rehearses Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Adults and children 4th grade to infinity are invited to participate. Marietta Ukulele Choir is an instructional choir. All that is required is a ukulele, music stand, and a willingness to practice. Vocalists and percussionists are also welcome. For more information contact the church office

Follow the Marietta Ukulele Choir Facebook Page for choir news.

Marietta Ukulele Choir performs for community, church, and facility events upon request. To inquire about a performance date, contact the Marietta Ukulele Choir director, Steve Brown, through the church office

Ukulele Choir members need to purchase a Hawaiian shirt and choir t-shirt for performance wear.

Why a ukulele choir?

Christ Church sponsors Marietta Ukulele Choir as a platform for community connection, to provide a place where the joy of music brings people together. 

The choir is intended as an instructional experience, open to anyone regardless of musical skill. People often wish for musical “talent” but do not think they have the skill necessary. The ukulele is the perfect beginner’s instrument with its four strings. Within 30 minutes most people can learn three chords and play a simple song.

The ukulele was developed in the 1880s by Portuguese immigrants to Hawaii. King Kalakaua highlighted the instrument in Hawaiian royal performances and from there the instrument became a symbol of Hawaiian culture. The word “ukulele” roughly translates as “jumping flea”, possibly referring to the movement of a player’s fingers. Today, the ukulele makes music attainable for all ages.