Wedding Policy


Thank you for considering Christ Church as the host for your special day. Our typical policy is to limit wedding services to our members, their immediate family, or those who attend our worship services. If you wish to further consider Christ UMC as your location, please carefully read our policies below before contacting the church to schedule your initial meeting.

We consider the wedding ceremony to be a sacred worship event in which the bride and groom enter into a covenantal relationship in the presence of God, and begin to build a strong and rich Christian marriage.

To be married at Christ UMC the ceremony must be performed by a minister of Christ UMC.
Premarital counselling is required and must be performed by the presiding minister.

Please do not schedule your wedding for any of the following days…

  • Sundays
  • Holy Week (the week before Easter)
  • Easter Weekend
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Weekend
  • Christmas Week, Eve, or Day
  • New Year’s Eve or Day
  • Any time, day or evening, that would conflict with church events scheduled in our Sanctuary

Decorations must respect the Sanctuary of Christ Church. Please do not request that any banners, hangings, altars, or seasonal decorations be removed for your service. No tape or tacks may be used on any surfaces. If candles are desired, they must be used in the chancel only and be dripless. Decorations must be removed by the end of the day of your service, or earlier if the church schedule deems it necessary.

Photographers and videographers must remain behind any seated guests. The use of flash is prohibited during the service.

Music and sound system must be arranged through the presiding minister.

No rice, confetti, balloons or bird seed is to be thrown or released on church property.

Smoking is prohibited within all church buildings.

No alcoholic beverages may be consumed anywhere on the church property.

Suggested Donations:

Sanctuary – $150
Minister – $150
Custodian – $100
Organist – $100
Security Deposit – $100

If any of the above policies are not followed, the security deposit will be forfeited. The Bride and Groom assume all responsibility for following these policies.

The presiding minister has the freedom to make adjustments and additions to the above policy, as the minister deems necessary.